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  1. Determine your Status
  2. Choose your Application Path
Determine your Status:
We just need a bit more information before you can continue the process. The next step is to determine your status. Are you a Brand New Applicant or are you a Former Applicant?

Brand New Applicant:
You are a Brand New Applicant:
  • If you have never applied for a licensing agreement (also known as a collegiate license), either online or prior to 03-2021 when the application process went online
  • You do not have a CLC account number
Former Applicant:
You are a Former Applicant if you have a CLC account number. There are three main reasons you would have an account number:
  1. You applied, but did not complete the application process
  2. You completed the application process, but your application was not approved by any one institution and your account was moved to inactive
  3. You are a former licensee, and your account has been cancelled, expired, or terminated
There are a few other reasons that you might have an account number, including legal issues.

Choose your Path:
  • Brand New Applicants- Check the New Applicant
  • Former Applicants- Email CLC,
Brand New Applicants:
  1. Check the “New” circle
  2. Fill in the required information: first name, last name, and your preferred email address
  3. Create your own password
  4. Check the “Create Application” box
After checking “Create Application” you should be prompted to the Brand Manager 360 Account Log-in screen. At this time, use your email address and the password you just created and log in to start the application.

Former Applicants:
  • If you have a CLC account number, you must contact CLC via email to start the application process- with this information:
  1. Your intent to reapply, and why*
  2. Your company name\your business name if the two names are different*
  3. Your account number*
  4. The reason you are no longer licensed*
  5. Your new company name if applicable
  6. Your contact information, including your name and email (REQUIRED)
CLC uses the above information only to correctly identify your former account and not as any kind of licensing criteria. If you do not know the answer, write “Do Not Know” but we must have at least one response to numbers 1-4* to respond to your request.

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